Channel Spyder Pricing

Easy to understand pricing that starts low and grows with your business.

All the tools you need to succeed in High Volume Channel Sales at a price affordable to any size business. Just getting started? Perfect! We will start the pricing low, give you all the tools and features while we work with you to grow your business. As your Monthly Sales Volume grows from $10,000 to $50,000 or from $50,000 to $500,000, the cost of using Channel Spyder is a fraction of what you save.

  • NO Minimum Contract Term – It's that valuable.
  • NO Per Transaction Fees – Unlimited order volume*
  • Percentage Based Pricing designed to start low and grow with your business.
  • The ultimate tool to SCALE your business. Grow your order volume, NOT your staff.
  • Maintain Top Channel Ratings by eliminating errors & reducing order processing time.
  • Monthly Billed Pricing: 1.5% of Gross Sales* (Volume Discounts Available)

ROI - Example #1

Reduce and/or Redirect Staff

  • Each Staff person handling orders & tracking
  • Capacity 80-100 orders per day, 5 days per week
  • Total cost to business = $2,000+ per month
  • Desk & Equipment cost... Work Comp... Sick Days?
  • 80-100 orders per day = $96,000-$120,000 in sales
  • Cost of CS service = $1,400-$1,800 per month
  • Add more SKUs - Scale up your business FAST
  • Channel Spyder can handle 100 or 1000 orders per day with NO additional effort.

ROI - Example #2

Reduce Errors & Order Timing

  • Channel Spyder works on weekends! 24/7/365
  • Orders AND tracking are posted all day, every day
  • Orders are posted EXACTLY as entered by Buyer
  • Whats your monthly cost of reships and returns?
  • Are you losing sales due to negative feedback...
  • eBay's new Ratings are Based on 1)Tracking Postback timing and 2)Order Cancellations.
  • Channel Spyder's Automated Inventory updates and real time tracking post back helps increase ratings.

ROI - Example #3

Reduce Owner/Manager Time

  • Hours spent poring through spreadsheets doing P&L calculations OR looking for losing SKUs?
  • Do you know your real time labeled shipping cost?
  • Are you managing your inventory files manually?
  • Channel Spyder Inventory handles daily quantity and price (including MAP) updates for you.
  • What's your time worth? Your opportunity cost?
  • What value would you place on a tool that frees you up to increase SKU count, profitability & overall sales?

*Minimum Monthly Charge for combined services: $1,000 (Discounted to $500 for your first 6 months allowing you to ramp up.)

One Time Startup Fee: $1,500 (Includes on boarding, warehouse & channel setup, and live training with qualified CS Support Staff.)

Optional - New Warehouse Connection (If we are not already connected to your warehouse of choice.): Flat fee. Varies by warehouse.